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Coaching & Creative Consulting

As a Consultant Creative Director to Woolworths South Africa for the last five years, I have learnt the value of leaders investing in their people. Inspiring and encouraging teams and individuals to explore their own creative potential leads to happier people and more successful outcomes.

From mentoring graduates to consulting at large multinationals, the intention is the same: helping people to do it better for themselves. My personal mission in life is to help people. Whether it is a charity, an individual or a major corporation. Everyone needs help and direction in their lives to be the best they can be.

Talks & Lectures

Vince Frost is a leader in the fields of graphic design and creative direction and frequently presents at design, business and cultural conferences around the world. Recently named one of Sydney’s “most influential people” by the Sydney Morning Herald, he is an adept speaker in the subjects of creativity, design in business, inspiration and just saying “yes”.

“The reality of life is that every day from birth to the day you drop dead you have the potential to learn, to discover new things, make mistakes and learn from them. It’s just so exciting to continue to learn.” Vince Frost

“Frost is an ideas man. If one message shone through at his Typographic Circle talk last night, it’s that anything is possible – if you can start the dialogue.” Creative Bloq

“Frost is a yes-man, an opportunist, and as the room of attendees saw during his presentation, he is not afraid to take on new territories and design in different sorts of shapes, surfaces and environments.” AIGA, New York

Vince regularly speaks on design, creativity, motivation and business.

Past Events

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