Andrew Quilty
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This is Afghanistan
Andrew Quilty

Exceptionally produced and visually striking, This is Afghanistan captures life in a war-torn nation through the lens of one of Australia's great war reporters, Walkley award-winning photo-journalist Andrew Quilty
This is Afghanistan is award-winning photo-journalist Andrew Quilty's visual record of his nine years in this vibrant, complex and war-ravaged country. Quilty was one of a small number of journalists who remained in Kabul to witness the withdrawal of international military forces from Afghanistan, the collapse of its government and the return to power of the Taliban. In the years leading up to this moment he had travelled to all parts of the country, documenting the war and its effects on the lives of Afghans. As someone who had come to love Afghanistan and to call it home, Quilty's images and commentary provide a unique, powerful and personal insight into a land and a people who, having lived and died, withered and thrived for five decades, are once again isolated from much of the rest of the world.

Launch Oct 24th 2023


Photographer/writer Andrew Quilty
Publisher Melbourne University Press
Creative Direction Vince Frost
Design Vince Frost & Wing Lau

© Vince Frost* 2023