AURA by Laura Reid

AURA awarded 3rd place at the International Photography Awards in the monograph book category -

Aura - The distinctive atmosphere or quality that surrounds and is generated by a place, person or thing.

(From Laura)
“ AURA is my first book and illustrates my love of ocean pools, both for photographing and swimming.

In producing this book I have regularly been asked the question “Why do I keep photographing ocean pools?” Ocean Pools are my escape. My sanctuary. They’re where I feel grounded. My images reflect my own relationship with ocean pools. The pools I photograph are the ones I also love to swim in.

This book is a culmination of images I have taken over the past 7 years during regular visits to ocean pools along the NSW coastline. Each pool has its own aura which is generated by their design, the people who visit them, the differing light throughout the day, and the changing moods of the season. Dive in.”

Hard cover. 200 pages with 98 images. Published by Love Books. Designed by Vince Frost*. Made in Australia.


Photographer Laura Reid
Publisher Love Books
Printing Peachy Print, Sydney
Creative Direction Vince Frost 
Design Vince Frost & Wing Lau

© Vince Frost* 2023